Screw press for a plastics recycling company


In June of this year, for the dewatering of float sludge from a Floagra, ® dissolved air flotation, a screw press supplied and assembled.
The commissioning was carried out in early July.

With the use of a Polyagra® high-performance polymer in combination with the pressure mixing reactor and the following screw press could achieve the following operating results:

TS Content of the pressed sludge: > 36%

Filtrate load: < 20 ml /l
Separation rate: > 99%

The performance of the entire system convinced the customer and significantly reduced the disposal costs for sludge recycling.
Very pleasing is the extremely low filtrate load, which hardly represents a return load for the system.

Waste water purification in the poultry slaughterhouse


After a planning and construction period of only 4 months, a complete mechanical/chemical/ physical wastewater purification with the proven Floagra® Processes can be delivered and put into operation.

The plant can treat up to 180 m³/d production wastewater from a poultry slaughterhouse in order to discharge it safely to the municipal wastewater treatment plant.

The entire chemical/physical system components were pre-assembled in a room module at our plant in Gondelsheim, reducing the assembly time on site by several weeks.

Expansion of the company fleet


his week we have received further growth in our company fleet.

The new service vehicle is equipped with all amenities for servicing wastewater treatment plants.
This service vehicle now completes the fleet.

Our company fleet now includes 10 vehicles, which are always available for our customers or are in use.

This enables us to offer our customers an even faster and more reliable on-site service.

Polyagra® polymer preparation plant with dual storage station


For the storage of polymer concentrate, as well as the production of a ready-to-use polymer solution for flotation plants and screw presses.

Shown here:

2 pieces Polyagra® 2-KT 2000R polymer preparation and metering station.
1 piece Polyagra® 1-KR 4000 polymer concentrate storage with high performance agitators

and the customized metering technology by using eccentric screw pumps

Membrane diffuser replacement with industrial divers in a dairy factory


Membrane diffuser exchange with the support of industrial divers from the company Taucher Heros

Shortly before Christmas, the membrane diffusers in one of the four aerobic aeration basin at a long-standing customer were replaced.
By using high-quality silicone membranes, up to 30% energy can be saved compared to the membranes used until then.

The operation was supported by industrial divers of the company TAUCHER HEROS GmbH from 24558 Wakendorf, so that the almost 500 membrane diffuser could be exchanged within only 3 days.

Here our sincere thanks to the Taucher Heros, which have done an excellent job.